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Chef Michael Baugh

Chef Michael is a world renowned pastry chef who has had the pleasure of serving the likes of Ronald Reagan, Prince, the King and Queen of Sweden, Liza Minnelli and many other athletes, artists and dignitaries.

The images found on this website are a collection of works created over years of orders placed with Let Them Eat Cake Tampa. Chef Michael Baugh and his staff have a vast repertoire of creations, and have the ability to create anything you can imagine.

Chef Baugh relocated in 2020 after serving in South Tampa for 30 years. Since his move and has pivoted his business plan to only service clients who are seeking the most memorable and delicious creations that can be made. He lives firmly by his motto to make "Nice Things 4 Nice People", and provides free cake tastings for clients that are able to be scheduled. 

​With the establishment of Chef Baugh's new location, there is highly limited availability, as he is a staff of one. To contact Chef Michael Baugh and schedule your free tasting, please call him at 813-263-6888.

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Our History

Take a tour through the history books of Let Them Eat Cake with Chef Michael Baugh

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