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Casa Chocolata Parties and Scheduling

We host a variety of parties in the bakery from kids birthday parties to adult parties, we even host company meetings and team building. There is a party package we have in the bakery were it is 500$ for 10 kids/ people, this package includes a birthday cake, snacks, lemonade, they make their own pizza and








"We spotted the events Chef Baugh!"

decorate their own personal cakes that they take home. We sing happy birthday to the birthday boy/girl. You don't have to bring any party gifts or food or drinks unless you want to because we provide all the snacks and food plus the kids take home a cake for themselves. This is a working bakery though so this

package includes 2 clean ups one before the party to we can clean up our work area and make the bakery look amazing for your party. the second clean up is after the party so we can get back to running our bakery and working on the other wedding and birthday cakes we have going out that week. we do ask that everyone wear close toed shoes and if they have long hair to have their hair tied back. Now for adult parties its a little different because their is alcohol involved. for adults its bring your own booze and we provide snacks and we can always change up what you make or do during the party depending on what you want. other then that we just want everyone to come ready to have fun.

Our Customer Service

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We do a kid's cooking camp every summer, Every week is different then the last and kids will learn something new everyday and take home what they made everyday. The kids will learn everything from how chocolate is made and the different kinds of chocolate to making their own pasta. Kids are fully involved and we let them do just as much as anyone else. every week is a different theme and that means they make different food like week one might be world of chocolate but then week two might be Italian and so on and so forth. The camps run Monday to Friday and we split the classes so 5 - 9 year olds are in the morning and 9 - 17 year olds are in the afternoon. You ca sign up in the bakery!


I started apprenticing when I was 14 years old. I walked into a bakery and went straight up to the head pastry chef and told him I wanted to be a pastry chef. I worked for free for the first 2 years under a chef that couldn't even speak English. I offer a apprenticeship program, you'd come in and work at the bakery and learn the craft and the trade of being a pastry chef and what it takes to be one. the first 2 days you apprentice have to be scheduled and there is a 200$ fee for just the first two days. this is to make sure you re committed to apprenticing. after the first 2 days then you can come any time you want and you don't have to pay any more money. you come in and help and learn whenever you can.

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